Matilda Mathildis Series

Professor Mor Meets Vampire Girl : 2016

Mór, survivor of a previous vampire attack, is Matron of a prison when a letter arrives.  The letter, about a vampire girl, will send her to Archimage -- where she uses the name of Professor, and disguises the purpose of her true mission.

Stuttering : 2016

A place like Archimage isn't for the weak, or the unwanted.

Mission to World's End : ????

A once thriving society, stunted by evil, is no place for a bunch of teenagers.  But there's little choice for this group of teenage girls, for their mission brings them to World's End.

Heroes : ????

One by one, the heroes will fall, until no heroes are left at all.

Matilda Mathildis is a series of stories about Matilda, and those who play a part in her short life.